The Compelling Book About Leadership that Top Business Leaders are Talking About

Since its publication a little over a year ago, Leadership the Hard Way by Dov Frohman (with Robert Howard) has become the leadership book that the most thoughtful business leaders are talking about.

Management guru Tom Peters terms it that rarest of things: “a truly original book about leadership.”

Former Intel CEO Andy Grove calls author Frohman “the epitome of leadership” and finds his book so compelling that reading it is like “going along for the ride.”

The doyen of leadership studies, Warren Bennis, praises Frohman’s honesty and straight talk, saying “we rarely see this kind of transparency from our leaders.” The result is a unique “perspective on leadership that you won’t find anywhere else.”

Leading strategy consultant George Stalk compares the book to “a report from the front by a soldier who is a hero” and calls it “a must-read for leaders in today’s tough and more uncertain economy."

And business and technology thought leader John Seely Brown says simply “I could not put this book down.”

Articles and Reviews:

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Advance Praise for Leadership the Hard Way:

"If leadership is defined by the number and quality of followers, and by their ability to do better than they — or anyone else — thought possible, Dov Frohman’s career is the epitome of leadership. This book portrays his style — pragmatic, unassuming, persistent — in a genuine and entertaining way. Reading it is like going along for the ride."

- Andrew S. Grove, former CEO, Intel Corporation; author of Only the Paranoid Survive

"Dov Frohman and Robert Howard say that leadership cannot be taught but that it can be learned, especially in turbulent times, with brilliance and open-spiritedness. Our best evidence is Frohman himself, whose fascinating decisions—from computer scientist to pioneer CEO — stud this stimulating, practical, elegant book."

- Bernard Avishai, contributing editor, Harvard Business Review

"Leadership the Hard Way reads like a report from the front by a soldier who is a hero. A must-read for leaders in today’s tough and more uncertain economy."

- George Stalk, senior partner, The Boston Consulting Group; author of Hardball: Are You Playing to Play or Playing to Win

"In a highly personal style, yet with nuanced insight and useful principles, Frohman and Howard expertly navigate the necessary tensions of leading on the edge: how to be both an insider and an outsider, stay true to a vision yet listen to dissent, see things differently in order to do things differently. I could not put this book down."

- John Seely Brown, former chief scientist, Xerox Corporation, and former director of Xerox PARC; co-author of The Social Life of Information and The Only Sustainable Edge

"Dov Frohman is a giant of Israeli high tech. His book isn’t only about leadership; it is about the human spirit and how high it can soar. Frohman and Howard capture the expansive vision and non-stop creativity that have made Israel one of the most advanced centers of high-tech innovation in the world."

- Yossi Vardi, chairman, International Technologies; founding investor, Mirabillis Ltd., creator of ICQ

"From an early age, Frohman learned to transform fear of survival into courageous action. Some lessons for leaders: stick to your principles, welcome intelligent dissent, take time to day dream but then make your dreams real. This book will stimulate you to reflect on your practice of leading people."

- Michael Maccoby, author of The Gamesman and The Leaders We Need, and What Makes Us Follow

"Dov Frohman distills thirty years of experience on the front lines of the global economy — from Silicon Valley to Israel — in this beautifully written and compelling narrative. His wisdom is not just for business leaders; it’s for anyone seeking to lead in today’s tumultuous environment."

- AnnaLee Saxenian, Dean of the School of Information, University of California at Berkeley; author of The New Argonauts: Regional Advantage in a Global Economy